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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


long time no write blog adi..
is it me too busy??? not...tat is coz i m lazy...
i worked for three weekends adi..
every morning wake up at 8.30am..bath,make up,eating breakfast,take ktm...
7pm finish work,rush to take ktm n back hum...
these 3 weeks make my hateness toward ktm is getting more n more..
tis week is the last week..
yeah...finally will finish my job soon..
den i can go ply n rest fully..^^
but my wish is gone adi..
do u know wat is my wish??
i wish can go oversea travel but tis wish cant come true tis year..
will it come true next year??
i hope so..
MR.W,did u hear my wish??>.<

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