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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

STUPID roomates vs me~~~

finally finally....

v wanna go bek home adi lo..

so i take photo wif my "stupid" roomates...

hehe...i wil miss her vry much de...
wil u miss me oso??

i knw u wil say no de la..bad fren...

altot i stay 1 more week wif her oli...

bt i can knw tat she is a vry nicely n friendly person...

if let her knw i praise her...she sure wil vry proud lo..


she "sengaja' wan stand behind me lo..
coz she say her face wil lokk smaller wo..
she duno act is same oli lo..hehe..

another photo tat wan stand behind me again..
me sad lo...
coz my face look bigger...

wanna pack my thing again...
sien lor...>.<

tis is my roomates bed..
very untidy is it??

tis is the place where i wash my clothes...
a dirty place..

i wash my face n brush teeth here..
the mirror is so dirty...
geli lo...

u guess where it is??
the place i bath..
vry small is it??
wan turn back oso hard..

boring de me..
jz wanna take a photo wif the dirty mirror..

wil tis corridor vry long??
gt a bit scary if midnight come out lo...


  1. Thx wor for praising me... haha ...i know i nice and friendly but not "STUPID" ... u no need mention at here mar ... i feel very "paiseh"... haha... put in heart can d...

    u know why u think the bathroom is small? cuz u r "elephant" u forget ur own identity d?

    Plus tell u all one thing about this girl ... she thin and pretty but can eat a lot and drink a lot of water .. just like elephant ... but is a skinny Miss elephant here ^^

    Lyvene : i very happy to be ur 10 days roomate haha... Will alway miss u just like how u miss me haha

  2. haha..i scare i din say out den no1 wil knw ma..hehe..tis must let ppl knw de..

    wat la??altot me is elephant bt oso is a vry thin elephant lo..ok??

    i oso knw u vry happy cz can stay wif me de me so it??

    remember find me more ya..hehe^^